October 31, 2012


Blood on the Dance Floor: 5 Tour Essentials

Paul Archuleta
Paul Archuleta

Electronic duo Blood on the Dance Floor only released their debut in 2008, but this year's release of Evolution marks the band's fifth album (not even counting the numerous EPs, including just-released Anthem of the Outcast.) Members Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe hustle just as hard on the road, as the band is currently embarked on their cross-country The Scene Is Dead tour. Given the lengthy amount of time the group spends in a tour bus, we asked Vanity to give us his five essential things for touring. Let's do this.

1. Cuddly Blanket and Silky Pillow
"It's the closest thing to home on the road that I possess. Every tour I have ever been on, my silk pillow and blankey was there for all the wonderful sweet memories I made in my bedroom. I would simply die without my pillow. Not really, but it would be a nightmare without those items."

2. "Super Awesome" Xbox 360
"I have been playing Resident Evil 6 nonstop and whenever I want to lose focus of reality and play in another world I put on my x-bizzle and life is transformed. I've been a huge gamer since I was a kid, so video games bring back joyful times of me growing up."

3. Basketball Shorts
"Not just any shorts. We are talking about the holy grail of mesh softy quick pants that after a super sweaty night, you can just slip into the most comfortable, silky, b-ball shorts you have ever felt. That is my final heaven. Nothing compares to the basketball tour shorts. Nothing at all! Maybe a peanut butter sandwich but still lol."

4. Skeleton Overalls
"Yes, Skeletor on stage is essential to keeping me happy on the road. Happy Dahvie! Happy tour! I have over 20 skeleton outfits for The Scene Is Dead tour. It's something new I started exclusively on this tour. If this is The Scene Is Dead tour, I want to make sure I look dead. If I didn't have my skeleton suit I would be a sad panda for sure."

5. Hellraiser Shoes
"My God, those spiked hell raiser shoes are the coolest pair of shoes I have ever had. It's always funny to look down and see my fans touching the spikes and freaking out. I have 13 pairs on tour with me and if I didn't have these puppies, my feet would be in for a hurting. Super grateful to have these shoes and to be rocking them on tour."

Blood on the Dance Floor are currently touring with Jeffree Star, New Years Day and Davey Suicide on The Scene Is Dead tour

Blood on the Dance Floor, "Rise and Shine"