October 19, 2012


Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Accuses Her of Abusing Meth

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

There are juicy new details in former manager Sam Lutfi's ongoing case against Britney Spears. Lutfi now alleges that he was trying to help the pop star get off drugs, including "probably meth," reports The Washington Post.

During the opening statements on Thursday in a Los Angeles courtroom, Lutfi’s lawyer Joseph Schleimer told the jury that his "client was made a scapegoat for drug abuse and erratic behavior of Britney Spears."

Said "erratic behavior" took place in 2007 and 2008 and includes the singer shaving her head, speaking in a British accent, losing custody of her two sons and being hospitalized and committed to a psychiatric ward.

Schleimer also said during the hearing, which was attended by Spears' parents, that one of Lutfi’s first duties after being hired as her manager was to have drug-sniffing dogs search her Hollywood Hills home.

"He was terrified of being her manager when she overdosed," Schleimer said.

The Washington Post reports that Schleimer claimed Spears favored amphetamines and that the dogs turned up a substance the Grammy-winner told Lutfi was probably crystal meth.

Lutfi is seeking 15 percent of the pop star's earnings and millions from the Spears' family because he claims Lynne Spears' book, Through the Storm, “lied about him drugging and isolating the pop superstar.”

Attorneys for Spears' parents will get a chance to present their opening remarks to jurors this afternoon. Spears is not expected to speak at the trial.