October 17, 2012


Chris Brown Got Another Neck Tattoo

Photo Credit: Chris Brown
Photo Credit: Chris Brown

Pretty soon there's going to be no room left on Chris Brown's body. The singer revealed a new piece of ink via his Instagram account last night: a sizable lion tattoo on his neck."Symbol of Christ and Freedom!" he said in the caption.

The last time Chris Brown got a tattoo, things didn't go so smoothly. When he debuted what looked to be a battered woman on the side of his neck (that some claimed looked just like Rihanna), his camp had to go on the defensive claiming that the tattoo is supposed to represent a Mexican sugar skull. Due to the backlash, his tattoo artist was forced to stand up for his work as well, telling E! "I would never promote any kind of domestic violence like that. Even if [Brown] asked me to [tattoo a battered woman on him], I would have bounced right there."

While a lion's face is far less controversial than his sugar skull tattoo, one thing's for sure: this guy probably isn't going to score an office job any time soon.

Check out Chris Brown's latest neck tattoo.