October 29, 2012


The #1 Music Video of 2012 -- Wild Card Spots!

Buena Vista Images
Buena Vista Images

With less than 2 hours and 15 minutes to go until voting closes on the first round of the Top 40 music videos of 2012, you might be feeling a little glum. 

Your thoughts might be running along these lines:

"My votes don't seem to matter."

"That low, depressing percentage next to my favorite star's name isn't increasing."

"The winners of this round move on to the next, and the winners of that round to the next, and so on and so on until someone's #1...but who cares since my beloved artist's gonna get kicked out now."

"It's over. No hope."



Yes, it's true. Your favorite artist can come back -- if you've given him or her (or them!) enough votes to win a wild card spot. It's right there in the contest description on the Top 40 of 2012 start page. 

Four (yes, FOUR!) artists who didn't win their round 1 matchup, but received more votes than the other losing competitors, will come back in round 3!

And there will be two wild card spots in the next round as well, so don't stop voting. 

Every vote really does count.