October 17, 2012


Flavor Flav Jailed for Threatening to Attack Fiancee's Son With Knife

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Photo Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas police report they've arrested Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav on felony charges related to a domestic dispute with his fiancée and her son, according to the AP.

The 53-year-old rap legend and reality TV star allegedly threatened to attack his fiancée's teenage son with a knife after an argument with her. Not taking the threat lightly, his fiancée called 911 and Vegas police arrested Flav (real name William Drayton Jr.), at 3:30 am Wednesday at his Nevada home.

Drayton is currently being held on $23,000 bail and scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. Flavor Flav was imprisoned for 90 days in 1993 after shooting at one of his neighbors, and he spent nine weeks on Rikers Island in 2002 for driving with a suspended license.