October 5, 2012


The "Gangnam Style" Dance Is Giving Psy Blood Clots

Han Myung-Gu
Han Myung-Gu

As of this morning, "Gangnam Style" has garnered just under 360 million views on YouTube since the song went viral earlier this summer. Also as of this morning, Psy has performed the "Gangnam Style" dance about 360 million times. It turns out all that horse dancing has taken its toll; Psy recently revealed on a South Korean talk show that the dance has been giving him blood clots in his legs.

But don't despair, K-Pop fans! Psy has been getting treatment with 40 acupuncture needles half-way through his performances, and he has no plans to cancel any shows [Via Gigwise].

In related news, Psy performed a gigantic "thank you" concert yesterday in downtown Seoul to over 80,000 fans. But that's not the big news; far more important than causing part of Korea's largest city to shut down is the fact that Psy removed his shirt during "Gangnam Style." (Also noteworthy: it certainly didn't seem like blood clots were slowing him down at all). 

Psy had promised to perform shirtless if "Gangnam" hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts. While it didn't quite make it to the top spot this week (it stalled at No. 2), he decided to go topless anyway. Watch the video below (the shirt starts coming off at the 2:35 mark).