October 30, 2012


Jack White Is Rapping Now

Eminem. Obie Trice. Big Sean. Danny Brown. Xzibit. Royce da 5'9". Insane Clown Posse. And if we're feeling generous, Uncle Kracker. The list of Detroit MCs is storied and imposing, and today—in the wake of Sandy's devastation—Jack White throws his name on that ever-expanding roster.

For reasons known only to him (boredom? Lost bet?), the rock Renaissance man decided to make the b-side to his excellent "I'm Shakin'" single—which he told us represents the duality of his nature—a rap track.

"Blues on Two Trees" is hardly hip hop, however. Musically speaking, we're talking eerie ambient noises, rock drums, an organ and a pretty awesome hummed intro. So for Jack White, it's nothing out of the ordinary. But perhaps inspired by his ICP studio collaborations, Jacky Boy decided to rap the lyrics to this one.

Well, "rap" might be too strong a word for what White does here. His flow is definitely closer to Brian Wilson's ill-fated 1989 rhyming excursion than Slim Shady territory, but he does technically rap in that he delivers words in a rhythmic fashion. So you gotta give him credit for that.

Listen to 30 seconds of "Blues on Two Trees" below, and then let's agree to never speak of this again.