October 10, 2012


Jay-Z, Frank Ocean & Pharrell Collabo: What's It Gonna Sound Like?

Photo Credit: Pharrell/Twitter
Photo Credit: Pharrell/Twitter

Pharrell recently tweeted that he "Can't wait for y'all to hear what I'm working on with big bro Jay-Z and lil bro Frank Ocean," and posted the above photo as further evidence. So it's on, for sure. But your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what potentially sublime product the trio will cook up, or whose banner it'll fly under. But we do know that the guys have all collaborated one-on-one already, and we're spinning back through those tracks to try to envision what the center of this three-way venn diagram could sound like. Join us on this voyage of imagination.

Jay and Pharrell: "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)"
The Neptunes' first collaboration with the Jiggaman came on 2000's The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. It's a classic, and that's Pharrell's voice you're singing along to on the chorus.

Pharrell and Jay: "Frontin'"
While Jay-Z's discography is packed with Neptunes sounds and P's singular voice, there have been a couple instances where Jay returned the favor by appearing on one of Pharrell's solo tracks and doing things like rhyming "nonchalant" with "audience."

Jay (and Kanye) and Frank: "Made in America"
Ocean lent Watch the Throne a monster hook (and a title for Jay-Z's Philadelphia festival) with this one.

Frank and Pharrell: "Sweet Life"
Ocean's label debut Channel Orange is full of magic moments. This P-produced jam is one of the magic-est.

Jay and Pharrell: "Change Clothes"
One of The Black Album's spots of sonic levity came from the by-then-institutionalized team of Jay and P. (P-J?)

Pharrell and Jay: "Young Girl"
Hov hopped on this track from Pharrell's 2005's solo album In My Mind to reference Stephen King, Oprah, Madonna and Janet Jackson all in 16 bars.

Jay and Pharrell: "Excuse Me Miss"
A big hit off Jay's 2002 offering The Blueprint2: The Gift & the Curse. Takeaway from this one is that whatever Jay, Frank and Pharrell are recording, hopefully it's something P can dust off these dance moves for.

Jay (and 'Ye) and Frank: "No Church in the World"
Few tracks are as emblematic of Watch the Throne as this Ocean-lead intro. 

Jay and Pharrell: "Glory"
Yup, Pharrell was the guy Jay recruited to produce this song that's about, for and featuring his newborn daughter Blue Ivy.

Jay (and 'Ye) and Pharrell: "Gotta Have It"
The Neptunes-produced Watch the Throne rules. And it interpolates no less than three separate James Brown jams.