October 5, 2012


Jay-Z Will Live Stream His Final Show at the Barclays Center

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

UPDATE: The live stream has ended. Check out exclusive photos from Jay-Z's first show at Barclays Center.

As you may have heard, Jay-Z has been playing a handful of small, intimate shows at a Brooklyn hole-in-the-wall club. And by "small, intimate shows in a Brooklyn hole-in-the-wall club," I mean mammoth, historical concerts in a brand new Brooklyn arena of which Hova is a partial owner. All eight of the shows at the Barclays Center have been sold out for a minute now, so if you wanted to go you were either stuck with steep scalper fees or out of luck. Well, that's no longer the case: Jay-Z will live stream his eighth and final show Saturday night for free on his YouTube channel, Life + Times.

Not to brag, but we were there for the first concert. It was an amazing show, one that we won't forget, but even so, we got the sense that each subsequent performance would just get bigger and better. For example (and please don't hold Hov responsible for this), the show two nights ago was so powerful it was able to reunite Chris Brown and Rihanna! And that was on a Wednesday! Imagine what a Saturday night show, the eighth and final of the historic run, will do.

Don't forget, Jay-Z is releasing a live iTunes EP of the final show at Barclays, including audio and video of 8 of the performances from the show.