October 25, 2012


Katy Perry Dresses Up As Voting Ballot for Obama Rally

John Gurzinski
John Gurzinski

Yesterday at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Katy Perry slipped on a skin-tight latex dress and rocked the crowd at a campaign rally for President Obama.

What was the reason for her unusual fabric of choice? Always the fashion-forward pop star, Katy wanted to represent the human embodiment of an election ballot, which apparently is best achieved through a latex dress. Hey, even if it's not the most comfortable garment conceivable, it's preferable to any other imaginable situation that involves waking up in Vegas covered in latex.

In addition to singing four of her own hits—including the Army Strong "Part of Me"—Perry performed one of Barack's personal favorites, Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." To hear Katy crooning the old soul standard, check out the fan-shot video of her going Green at an Obama fundraiser in L.A. earlier this month. It's not an embarrassment, but it's not a landslide victory for the pop vocalist either.

Perry came to Wednesday's event with her 91-year-old grandmother in tow, who couldn't resist pecking the Prez on his cheek in full view of everyone. Thankfully, Michelle Obama—who could probably beat down her husband and Romney at the same time—was nowhere to be seen.

Later that day, Katy and gran celebrated their time spent with the leader of the free world by doing what anyone else would: Gorging. "Grandma just ordered mac n' cheese and butter pecan gelato for dinner," she tweeted on the eve of her 28th birthday (today!), adding, "#91AndGoingStrong #LayOffHerSheWasStarving"