October 11, 2012


Why Ke$ha Should Be Our Life Coach: 5 Enlightening Quotes From Her 'Vibe' Cover Story


Behind all that glitter and grease, Ke$ha's not only a pop superstar, but apparently she's also well-versed when it comes to general life advice. (Seems like that "spirit journey" really paid off.) After reading her October/November Vibe piece featuring the cleaned-up "Die Young" singer on the cover, we felt like we do at the end of a trip to our therapist's office...without the $150 out-of-pocket. 

The girl's fun, carefree M.O. helped position her as one of today's biggest pop icons, and now we're kind of hoping she lands her own inspirational show on OWN or something. Check out five enlightening pieces of advice from the girl we least expected it from:

Money can't buy you happiness
As the daughter of a single mom who made her living as a country songwriter, Ke$ha didn't exactly grow up in the lap of luxury. She never needs money to have a good time: "An underlying theme [of my first album Animal] was how you can be broke and still have fun. Money doesn’t determine whether I’m happy."

The importance of being well-rounded
Most people think Ke$ha is just the girl who brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels. And while she can do that (and well!), she's a lady of many talents: "I drink like a champion. But I can also do other stuff."

Don't take life so seriously
Some people sing moving, existential ballads. Not Ke$ha: "You can change peoples’ mood in a three-and-a-half minute song. So why not spread positive energy and be funny? Let [the haters] be miserable. Anyone who wants to have a good time, let’s f-cking do this."

Be nice or leave!
We're all equal in the eyes of Ke$ha, and we all deserve the same treatment: "I’ve had to deal with scrutiny...that probably isn’t even comparable to the kind of scrutiny people...face being gay or lesbian. A lot of my fans struggle with that, and it breaks my heart that people haven’t found out how to be nice to each other." Amen.

Stop and smell the roses
When paparazzi spotted Ke$ha outside of a shoe store after getting her hands on a pair of light-up sneakers, she took a minute to share her latest victory for the cameras: "My sh-t lights up!"

Check out the full interview with Ke$ha over at Vibe.