October 2, 2012


Kitty Pryde: "Danny Brown Is My Rap Dad"

Nineteen-year-old Tumblr rap sensation Kitty Pryde recently sat down with Fuse's Estaban Serrano to talk about her influences, her "rap dad" Danny Brown, Twitter and how she learned not to care about her critics. The whole interview is great, but here are some highlights.

On the first time she got into rap: When I was in elementary school I would listen to the radio, and when I was really, really little, I loved Petey Pablo. I went to a private Christian school and I got in trouble for singing Petey Pablo lyrics one time. 

When she decided to become a rapper: I was listening to Nicki Minaj with my friends. And after one of my boyfriends was particularly awful, I was just freestyling about how much of an a**hole he was. It was funny, so we went home and recorded it on my MacBook and I put it on my blog. People read it said it was hilarious, so I was like, "I'm going to keep on doing this."

On who she represents: Little, shy teenage girls. And possibly teenage boys.

On learning to be comfortable with herself: When I was younger I went through a super self-conscious stage and I would wonder, "Am I funny enough?"But I realized the less you care about that the better you are. By not giving a sh*t what people say I have more time to do things the way I want to do them.

On her dad finding out she was a rapper: He didn't even know until I was in the New York Times. That was the first time I told him about it.

On her relationship with Danny Brown: I used to tweet at him all the time. And then he followed me. So then I tweeted at him even more and I guess he thought I was funny. I tweeted a song at him and he actually liked it. I don't know how. Now he's my mentor. I think he likes that he gets to be my rap dad.

Watch the full interview above.