October 29, 2012


Did 'Lucky' Magazine Totally Botch Their Britney Spears Cover?

Lucky Magazine
Lucky Magazine

When fans recently got their first glimpse of Britney Spears wearing what looks to be an ill-fitting wig on Lucky magazine's December issue, they were not having it. Lucky received an influx of tweets from fans noting things like, "You should definitely change the cover. Seriously it's a complete mess," and, "What on earth did @luckymagazine do to Britney's hair??? It looks horrendous!"

Lucky received so many negative reactions about Britney's cover that they issued an apology via Twitter. The magazine tweeted:

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our cover! As always, we will share with our team and we're sorry to have let some of you down.
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We have to admit that Brtiney's 'do on the Lucky cover doesn't look anything like the fab hair she's been rocking as a judge on The X Factor this season. And when we had a glance at some of the shots inside the issue, we did start to wonder who gave the final images the thumbs up to go to print. (We're just glad it wasn't us.)

But what do you guys think? Did Lucky magazine get a little heavy-handed on the Photoshop or do they need buy their wigs somewhere else? Sound off in the comments.