October 24, 2012


Michael Jackson in a Tim Burton Horror Remake: 9 Songs That Could Have Been

Phil Dent
Phil Dent

Oddball director Tim Burton and King of Pop Michael Jackson shared one strong bond: A love for Vincent Price. Burton gave the deep-voiced actor a cameo is Edward Scissorhands while Jackson convinced the horror icon to provide that ominous "Thriller" voiceover.

Burton must have noted their shared love, because back in the day he actually pitched a movie that would have required MJ to step into one of Price's iconic roles: The mad professor from House of Wax.

But Burton being Burton, he wasn't content merely to remake the film—he wanted to turn the 1953 horror flick into a musical extravaganza. "They did not go for that one at all," Burton told Yahoo! Movies (which explains why the world is a dimmer place today).

Regardless, this bizarre bit of news got us thinking what the soundtrack to this film might have looked like.  Here's an educated* guess:

"Are Wax Houses Wack Houses?"

"I'll Stop the World and Melt with You"

"Wanna Be Sculptin' Something"

"Working Clay and Night"

"P.Y.T. (Putrid Young Thing)"

"Waxing Moonwalk"

"The Clay You Make Me Feel"

"She's Out of My Knife"

"You Really Got a Mold On Me"

*these are completely made-up