October 30, 2012


What Are Pharrell, Miley Cyrus & Tyler, the Creator Doing in the Studio Together?

Photo Credit: @MickTheRuler
Photo Credit: @MickTheRuler

Pharrell Williams can now add "future Nobel Peace Prize nominee" to his already stuffed job résumé, because the singer-rapper-producer-label founder has done the impossible. He ended the Miley Cyrus/Tyler, the Creator feud that was slowly tearing this country apart.

Just yesterday, the Neptune tweeted a pic of Miley and the Odd Future rapper in the studio together, which is probably the coolest photo you're going to see all week that doesn't involve cars up to their windshield wipers in flood waters. Best of all, Cyrus has a lilting rose dangling from her belt that really brings out the matching shade in Tyler's pink-and-blue hoodie. (They must have called each other ahead of time and coordinated colors.)

In case you forgot what their beef was about in the first place, let me take you way back to August 13, 2012. On that fateful day, Miley Cyrus nearly caused the Internet to implode when she sliced her long locks and emerged with a Draco Malfoy-esque pixie cut. Many of the immediate Twitter reactions were negative, and few were more blunt than Tyler, the Creator's. In his Twitter imagining, Cyrus got her new 'do after telling her hair stylist, "'Hey, I Wanna Do Something Different Today....F--k Me Up Real Quick.'"

But Cyrus, who doesn't take sh-t from anything except her rescue dogs, shot back with, "My 'barber' couldn't even come close to the f--k job that is your face." And a Twitter beef was born.

Now, thanks to Pharrell, it looks like these two were moved by the healing power of music and spent some time in the studio together. Does this mean there's an upcoming collabo where a former Disney star sings with a guy who used to rap about rape? Let's hope so. Because we need something pure and beautiful in a world where two musicians with the same haircut somehow can't make their relationship work.