October 10, 2012


Playlist: Happy Birthday, Van Halen's David Lee Roth!

Ebet Roberts
Ebet Roberts

One of the best stories in Motley Crue's debaucherous autobiography The Dirt involves the boys hanging out with a heavily drugged David Lee Roth in the 1980s. Roth, talking at his usual, charismatic mile-a-minute pace, was regaling the crowd with a story when a giant wall mirror crashed down square on his head. While a lesser man may have stopped talking or assessed any potential injuries, Roth swatted the glass shards away like a fly and just kept talking.

The Van Halen frontman turns 58 today and shows no sign of slowing down. As both a member of VH and in his solo career, Diamond Dave epitomized the excessive, hedonistic 1980s and thanks to a new Van Halen album, remains relevant today. Listen to our Essential David Lee Roth Playlist below, featuring the best of Diamond Dave's flamboyance and soundboard-friendly YEAAAHHHHHHH and OHHHHHHHHs.