October 12, 2012


Musicians Arrested for Drugs - A Greatest "Hits" Playlist

Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren

Nelly was temporarily detained in Sierra Blanca, Texas this week, with a large stash o' marijuana, a smaller stash of heroin and a handgun discovered on his tour bus. Not only was Nelly not the first artist to run into trouble at that very spot—Fiona Apple was arrested there very recently, and Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have both had troubles in the same town—but he's in fact very, very far from being the first musician to face a drug arrest, period.

Nelly's in impressive company, it turns out. As we reflected on our Brief History of Rock Star Drug Arrests, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Lil Wayne, Santana, three Beatles, Johnny Cash, Kid Cudi, Whitney Houston, the Rolling Stones and Louis freaking Armstrong have all been busted! Give the Spotify mix below a listen, and maybe avoid Sierra Blanca if you're packing any illicit herbs.