October 18, 2012


Preview Spike Lee's Michael Jackson Documentary 'Bad25'

A 60-second preview of the upcoming trailer for Spike Lee's highly anticipated Michael Jackson documentary, Bad25, has arrived. The preview will surely thrill fans of the late, great pop star. Watch it below. So how did Joe Jackson, Michael's father, celebrate the release? By flashing a handgun in Las Vegas, of course (more on this later...)

Bad25 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jackson's Bad, the follow-up to his seminal 1982 album, Thriller. Despite selling 45 million copies and having five consecutive number one singles, Bad has always been overshadowed by its predecessor, which sold an estimated 65 million copies worldwide and spawned seven top 10 singles.

In a recent interview with CNN, Lee said he hopes the film can return focus to Jackson's musical legacy instead of his personal life. "Hopefully, that's what this documentary is about--it's gonna have people return to focusing on the music, his art, which I feel is his legacy, in addition to his children," said the Do the Right Thing director.

Of course, with the surviving Jacksons behaving as crazily as ever, that's easier said than done. For instance, Michael's notoriously temperamental father Joe Jackson made headlines today by brandishing a presumably loaded and definitely concealed handgun at an event in Las Vegas.

"I carry a piece everywhere I go," the elder Jackson said. "I'm going show it to you." He then lifted his jacked and showed the audience the handgun. "I've been threatened a lot of times and so I need to be safe," he said.

But don't worry (too much): a rep confirmed to Fuse that Jackson has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Nevada.