October 8, 2012


Radiohead Kick Off PBS's 'Austin City Limits'

With the annual Austin City Limits festival quickly approaching October 12-14, our heads are already in Texas. Now that you've got the survival guide and playlist, it's time to start watching live music. PBS's excellent show Austin City Limits premiered over the weekend, spotlighting 11 songs of Radiohead's set at Austin Moody Theater earlier this year, including "The Daily Mail," "There There" and "Paranoid Android." It's not exactly the same as being there, but it's pretty damn close. Check it out above.

Radiohead's Austin City Limits setlist:

1. "Bloom"
2. "The Daily Mail"
3. "Myxomatosis"
4. "Morning Mr. Magpie"
5. "The Amazing Sounds of Orgy"
6. "Staircase"
7. "Identikit"
8. "There There"
9. "Feral"
10. "Idioteque"
11. "Paranoid Android"