October 3, 2012


Did Chris Brown and Rihanna Make Out at a NYC Club?

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

According to a report on E!, pop star Rihanna and the love of her life/America's sweetheart Chris Brown were caught making out in a New York City club early Tuesday morning.

Here's what we think we know: Brown and his buddy, Bow Wow, arrived at Manhattan club Griffin and sat at a table. A little later, Rihanna arrived and sat nearby. E!'s source says: "She knew he was there." So, there's that.

At some point in the night, Brown went to Rihanna's table. This is where it gets interesting/possibly unbelievable (but also totally believable). Rihanna reportedly then took off Brown's shirt and began dancing and making out with him. Scandal!

But the two left separately at 4 AM, so maybe it wasn't too scandalous an evening for the former couple? Wrong. Celeb Buzz has photos of Brown "sneaking" out of Rihanna's hotel the next afternoon.