October 2, 2012


Revisiting Our Favorite Axl Rose Interviews

Frank Micelotta
Frank Micelotta

As eternal lovers of batsh-t crazy interviews, we are impatiently waiting for October 24, when Axl Rose appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live for his first live television interview in more than 20 years. The Guns N' Roses frontman will be forced to exit his cornrow-covered cocoon to shill for his upcoming Appetite for Democracy Las Vegas residency beginning October 31. And while not even $230 million lottery winners can get the original band back together, we're hoping his Kimmel chat will join this illustrious list of our favorite Axl interviews.

Post-Show CBGB Interview (1987)
Is there a more iconic version of the band than the below video? Slash: caressing a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hands like it's the Hope Diamond. Duff: multiple Budweisers in various states of emptiness surrounding him. And there's Axl. The oversized sunglasses. The bandana that says, "Oy, vat a life. So much laundry I've been doing." Best quote: "We don't consider ourselves a heavy metal band. We consider ourselves a rock n' roll band."

Axl & Slash Headbangers Ball Interview (1988)
"I hit L.A. with a backpack, a piece of steel in one hand and a can of mace in the other," opens Axl during his S&M-esque black leather hat phase. The singer recounts his first days in Los Angeles in detail in the below interview. Bonus points added for the "W. Axl Rose" sobriquet.

Rare Interview With Axl's Wife Erin Everly Rose (Circa 1990)

Okay, lots of things happening here, so let's break it down one-by-one:

  • Watch an early-80s Axl get on his knees and scream as part of Guns N’ Roses precursor Hollywood Rose.
  • The voice-over guy, who sounds like a cross between the Behind the Music narrator and Of Mice and Men’s Lenny.
  • The interviewer—who presumably just learned the act of verbal communication minutes before grabbing the mic—harshly probing the singer with such bullets as, “How ya doin’, bud?” and “So you like the girls here, the action?” before initiating the biggest “Oh my God, I’m standing next to Axl” grin.
  • Axl explaining why GnR’s next album “might be called Use Your Illusion” (Spoiler alert!)
  • A rare appearance by Erin Everly Rose, Axl’s then-wife (the couple’s marriage was annulled in 1991), whose extensive media training includes chewing on a necklace, wearing oversized cowboy hats and saying, “Hello” like a 4-year-old.

MTV News Interview (Circa 1993)
In this interview with MTV's Tabitha Soren, Axl goes into detail about his psychotherapy and the sound problems on GnR's endless tour. Bonus points to the producer for placing Axl's "shaking hands" therapy scene from "Don't Cry" over Rose's admission that he engages with his therapist four to five hours a night after each show.

Axl Talking About Slash's Pissing Habits (Circa 2011)
Fine, this isn't exactly a professional interview, per se. But if you can see video of a modern-day Axl Rose in cowboy hat and Civil War reenactment mustache talking to two fans about Slash's pissing problems and not post it, you're a bigger person than me. Keeping in mind the decades-old rivalry between Axl and Slash, did Slash really lose out on GnR groupies because he wet himself? Maybe, maybe not. We don't 100% believe this story because Axl also says that he would pet said groupie's head to console her after she freaked out over the wet bed. Lot of doubt going around in the video below, but take it for what it is.