October 2, 2012


Ryan Adams Recorded New Track With Deadmau5!

Photo Credit: Ryan Adam/Twitter
Photo Credit: Ryan Adam/Twitter

Holy WTF: Prolific alt-country rascal Ryan Adams is working with EDM megastar (and social media expert and all-around UFC fanatic) Deadmau5. Wow.  

Adams posted a photo of the unlikely duo on Monday, writing, "Recording a track with my new pal @deadmau5 today." Check out the pic above. So what does their new collabo sound like, you ask? Damn good question. And Adams has an answer: "Sounds like Blade Runner starring Don Henley." Let your imagination run wild with that. Later Adams posted another pic with the caption, "BladeWalker." Possible song title? Who knows (well, probably Adams and Deadmau5).

So when can we hear their new song? That's another good question; so far no details have been announced. So many questions, so few answers. But rest assured: Ryan Adams, Deadmau5 and perhaps even Adams' wife Mandy Moore all hung out at the same time. Screw the song, just release hidden camera footage of that mind-f--k of a celebrity union and call it quits.

Below, enjoy a little fuel for your imagination by watching the Blade Runner trailer and listening to one of Don Henley's biggest hits...