October 22, 2012


RZA Tears Man's Arm Off, Slaps Black Keys With Dead Fish in New Video

If the new video for RZA and the Black Keys "The Baddest Man Alive" was just this image of Keys drummer Patrick Carney on repeat, we'd still call it The Greatest Video of the Year. Thankfully, there is much, much more. 

Ever since Fuse premiered the track off The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack, we've been jonesing for the accompanying video, wondering if RZA would get all meditative and deep about martial arts and its connection to life.

Yeah, not even close.

The slapstick video is a kung fu film as directed by the Zucker Brothers; a Naked Gun-level of ridiculousness that finds RZA and the Keys fighting with dead fish and chopsticks....all over a fortune cookie. Extra credit to RZA for the bloody dismemberment.

Director Chris Marrs Piliero applies the tried-and-true first rule of humor in videos: everything looks more dramatic—and funnier— in slo-mo. Well done, guys.