October 23, 2012


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Is Now the Name of a CBS Sitcom


Remember Nirvana? Neither do we, but at one time they were apparently a big deal. Nirvana reportedly stood for something pure and angry and, according to noted music website Wikipedia, were considered the "flagship band" of Generation X. Their single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is often called the defining song of its era, a tune which ushered in an entire new sound: primal, angst-filled, and reminiscent in its subversiveness to punk rock circa 1977. More notable, Nirvana never tarnished their legacy by selling out or allowing corporations to co-opt their image.

Well, now comes news that the legacy of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is in jeopardy; CBS and a co-executive producer of World's Worst Sitcom The Big Bang Theory are using the song's title as the name for a new sitcom, which has the following horrifically clichéd and literal premise: an 18-year old drops out of Harvard to start an Internet company with the help of his sister and "indie-rock" parents. 

So, CBS is just trolling music fans now, right?