BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 12: DJ Steve Aoki performs live during a concert at the Postbahnhof on April 12, 2012 in Berlin, Germ
Frank Hoensch

Not only does Steve Aoki oversee his own reality competition show on Fuse, but the superstar DJ has the competitive fever himself. Just after the second cake-splattered episode of Chasing With Steve Aoki hit the Internet yesterday, we spoke with the DJ/producer and learned he's secretly got his heart set on ABC's obstacle course challenge Wipeout.

"I would die—I would do anything to do Wipeout," Aoki says. "I would f--king do anything to be on that show. Because it's a take on my favorite show ever, [Spike TV's] MXC. Running through obstacle courses, [contestants] eating sh-t. I love stuff like that."

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - MAY 25: DJ/Producer Steve Aoki performs during day 1 of the 2012 'I LOVE THIS CITY' Music Festival at Sho
C Flanigan

But even though Aoki loves himself some obstacle course madness, he's not willing to start boasting about his physical prowess just yet. "I don't want to say I would do well, because if I did poorly… but I love stuff like jumping over something and falling into a bowl of jelly. I'm neurotic—whenever I'm walking, I wonder how I could get over an obstacle in a different way. I'm like a kid that way."

One key difference between Aoki and a child, however, is his schedule—dude plays more than 200 shows a year. So despite his love for competitive reality shows, he's never actually watched a full episode of Wipeout. "I love that show even though I've never even seen it to its full. But I know exactly what's happening— I will YouTube that show and be like, 'This is the best f--king show on TV.'"

Watch the latest episode of Chasing With Steve Aoki right here, involving DJ trivia, people diving into cakes and a lot of sticky, sugary fingers.