October 19, 2012


5 Things We Learned From SPIN's Interview With Taylor Swift

Mike Marsland
Mike Marsland

Do you find yourself wondering why Taylor Swift had all those furries in her "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video? Thanks to an excellent interview in Spin, we now know the answer: no one knows, not even Swift! The rest of the interview is equally interesting and includes all sorts of fun facts for Swifties. Here's what we learned.

She does a decent a capella imitation of a bass drop: … I wrote this melody for this chorus (to "I Knew You Were Trouble") on the piano, and I brought it to (co-songwriters) Max Martin and Shellback, and I said, "At the end of the chorus I just want this to go crazy. I want it to be really chaotic; I want the bass line to do this, like [makes loud GUH GUH GUH sound].

And a laser sound: You end up doing a lot of that when you're recording and writing, being like "It kinda sounds like this! [Does a laser-y SCHOOM sound]."

She doesn't know why there were furries in the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video: There's really no reason. Nobody knows why there are people dressed as animals in my bedroom and for some reason that's my posse of people that I hang out with in that video. I don't even know.

She sort of dishes about the indie rock fan she mentions in  "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together": We're talking about a person who would get sick and tired of listening to a band if they had more than 500,000 fans. Like, "I only go to their concerts if they're playing in a basement for 22 people."

She wrote books as a teen: I wrote two or three books when I was younger because I just always needed an outlet for writing stories. I hadn't really fallen in love yet, or been anywhere near falling in love. So I would write stories and books and mini-novels about what it would be like to fall in love.

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