October 25, 2012


Taylor Swift Is Now Selling Pizza

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

When you think of Taylor Swift, you think of her bajillion smash hits or her "Who, me?" face or, if you're more gossip-minded, you think of her exes. What usually isn't associated with the pop superstar is pizza because, well, that wouldn't make any sense. That is, until now.

As part of a one week special promotion with Papa John's, fans of both pizza and T-Swift (the overlap on that Venn Diagram equals roughly all of America) can get the both of best worlds for just $22, which will result in a copy of Swift's new album, Red, and a large, one-topping pizza being delivered to your home. Sure, downloading an album from iTunes is easier, but will it come with garlic sauce? No, no it won't.

And, if you're into numerology and snack illuminati, MTV has a Vulture-like investigation of the possible meanings behind Swift's pizza deal.