October 3, 2012


Taylor Swift Explains Her Constantly Surprised Award Face in 'Nightline' TV Special

In a recent interview with Nightline, honorary Kennedy and pop country superstar Taylor Swift discussed a number of things, including magazine cover shoots, wardrobes and her new songs. But what intrigues us is her "Oh!" face. You know the one. The look of "Oh, I can't believe I won another Grammy despite the fact that I'm a 22-year old gagillionaire with a thousand other awards." Personally, I never saw it as a big thing (Taylors tend to stand united) but everyone from Blake Shelton to Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live have parodied the "aw shucks" look.

"People make so much fun of me for that," Swift said (3:10 mark). "I just, I don't know. It's like, if you win an award, isn't that crazy? How do you sit there and be like 'Oh, another Grammy. I guess I'm gonna get that now?"

Nightline followed by asking if she was blasé.

"I try to be sometimes," Swift said. "But it's hard when you get excited about stuff."

There was also a question about her 18-year-old maybe boyfriend Conor Kennedy. "I don't talk about my personal life in that great of detail," Swift said. "I write about it all in my songs, but when I get in an interview it just sort of feels... it's not as much what I do."

This, of course, means we can all look forward to "Dear Conor," the debut single from her next-next album, which will be all about a boy choosing homework over time with her.