October 9, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Deadmau5 and Kat Von D Serenade Each Other to Sleep

David Becker
David Becker

5. Yeasayer sure sound excited for their upcoming tour!

EUROPE: Tomorrow we announce dates where we travel in a cramped moving vehicle and stand on a platform and sing through tube mechanisms.
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4. This is the closest to a heartwarming "thank you" Odd Future fans are going to get.

Truthfully, Coming to the Shows And Buying Our Shitty Merch Shirts Means The Most. Love You Okay Bye. OFWGKTA TRASH WANG YAH
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3. Does this advice also apply if we find you getting attacked by that weirdo who broke into your mansion twice and used your toothbrush?

If you ever see me in the woods getting attacked by a bear...HELP THE BEAR!!!
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2. This is how tattoo maven Kat Von D falls asleep: To the soothing strains of Black Sabbath, as played by her boyfriend deadmau5.

So, @deadmau5 is serenading me with some Black Sabbath before going to bed. Yup. All of you girls should be http://t.co/MDb7viMJ
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1. Still, it's probably easier to doze to than this:

Well, my girlfriend serenades me with "who let the dogs out" jealous? Probably. @thekatvond http://t.co/O6Ci8NPo
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