October 3, 2012


Photo: The Truth About Big Butt Lovers


Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly photo dissection.

That is a lie! Everyone lies including your grandma! She'd say, "Baby, you're my favorite." Grandma, I heard you say that to my brother. Big butt seekers are just bigger liars than your Average Joe. But what about the people with the big butts? That's where we need to focus. They're the biggest liars. You know how many times you've looked at a fake, lying butt? Plenty! "Yes doctor, just take some of this fat from my abdomen and squirt it in my butt flesh, make sure to mold it really round." I guess I don't know that for sure, butt it's probably true. 

I enjoy big butts so much, I wish I had one. I would admire its bigness everyday.  I'd look at it in the mirror while I rehearsed for Off Beat. I'd go shopping for men's ass-cut jeans. Big butts are fun to touch and look at and make jokes about.

Do you find it odd that one could find love in another person's bottom exterior? I like an exercised buttocks, the one that was molded by the Stair Master, just a big muscular butt, a strong butt that could fight if you needed backup.

There are times to appreciate a small buttocks, however, like when you're transporting a group of ladies in the backseat of your Hyundai. Or how about when you need to squeeze by people. You can't squeeze through when your butt is gigantic. You ever been at the game, and someone has to get by and their butt is so huge that standing up is not even enough, you have to walk to the aisle? Damn girl... lemme get that number.

Did Mike E. nail it? What's your take on the photo? Hit us up in the comments.

Photo via: imgur