October 27, 2012


Voodoo 2012: Kaskade Talks New Albums & Broken Bones

As pictures from this year's Voodoo Fest reveal, Kaskade's shows are high-energy dance parties. But sometimes the San Francisco-based DJ gets a little too into it. Like when he breaks a bone. And doesn't realize it.

When Fuse caught up with Kaskade at Voodoo, he related the hazy story of how he fractured his foot during his just-finished Freaks of Nature tour. "The shows are exciting," he says. "And I'm an excitable person. I think I got a little too crazy... I don't totally remember. I wasn't drunk or wasted. People are like. 'Of course you don't remember, dude!' No, it wasn't like that. I really don't remember. It's just at one point in the tour I was like, 'My foot really hurts bad. And I don't remember when that started.'"

Fans can hear the full story in the video above. But they shouldn't worry too much; he's almost fully healed after taking the time since touring to rest and work on his next album. "I've had a month to recover, and I needed that," he says.

Sporting a San Francisco Giants hat, the DJ also revealed the downside of having your hometown team make the World Series. "The Giants in the post-season is delaying my album process," he explained. "But once that's over..."

Once that over, we'll also get a new album from his side-group Late Night Alumni. Although a few important details are still missing from that project. "There's no street date and there's no actual album title." he admits. "But it's done, and it's great. I think Late Night Alumni fans will be really excited."

To hear more about Late Night Alumni, plus the advice Kaskade told audience members at a Grammy U event with Steve Aoki, watch the video below. And don't forget to check out all our Voodoo coverage. Mayhaps you'd like to learn the 12 Ways to Dance at an EDM Concert?