October 28, 2012


Voodoo 2012: Silversun Pickups Want to "Send Mitt Romney Flowers"

Fuse caught up with Los Angeles rockers Silversun Pickups backstage at Voodoo Fest 2012 in New Orleans (see live pics!), where Yasmine Richard chatted with frontman Brian Aubert about Mitt Romney using the band's song "Panic Switch" at campaign rallies.

"We wanted to send Romney flowers for sending us so much promotion," joked Aubert, who added that the dispute was played up in the press. "We just kept getting attached to it... we've never been attached to such a high group of people! But Romney's camp was cool. They said 'sorry' and it was done."

But would Silversun allow Obama to use the song? "I don't know why he'd want to use a song called 'Panic Switch,'" Aubert cracked.

He added, "We want Roseanne Barr for president. And if Willie Nelson was vice president, then we're in [for letting them use 'Panic Switch.']" 

In general, it's safe to say Silversun aren't a political band: "Politics feel like wrestling," he said. "It's like the WWE."

Politics wasn't the only topic Aubert and drummer Christopher Guanlao chatted about. Below, watch the two talk about their recent trip to a haunted house and their meeting with Billy Corgan, whose Smashing Pumpkins are an inspiration to the Pickups. Watch both clips below.