Bruce Springsteen shows are famous for their long sets, fervent fan participation and Bruce's occasional stage diving. Now the Boss can add halfway decent political impersonations to the list.

At a free concert/Obama rally Tuesday night in Virginia, Bruce joked about Obama calling him "a few times a week" and then performed his imitation of POTUS. And you know what? It wasn't bad.

Bruuuuuuuce then launched into a hilarious fake campaign song he said Obama requested. The lyrics are ridiculous and all end with words that rhyme with Obama. Sample line: "First debate really freaked me out, then Romney got schooled twice by Obama / Smilin' Joe Biden brought the drama / Fox News must be smokin' marijuana."

Perhaps the track isn't a candidate for Springsteen's next Greatest Hits album, but it's certainly worth a watch. Check it out above.