October 24, 2012


Watch Bruce Springsteen Do His Best Obama Impersonation

Bruce Springsteen shows are famous for their long sets, fervent fan participation and Bruce's occasional stage diving. Now the Boss can add halfway decent political impersonations to the list.

At a free concert/Obama rally Tuesday night in Virginia, Bruce joked about Obama calling him "a few times a week" and then performed his imitation of POTUS. And you know what? It wasn't bad.

Bruuuuuuuce then launched into a hilarious fake campaign song he said Obama requested. The lyrics are ridiculous and all end with words that rhyme with Obama. Sample line: "First debate really freaked me out, then Romney got schooled twice by Obama / Smilin' Joe Biden brought the drama / Fox News must be smokin' marijuana."

Perhaps the track isn't a candidate for Springsteen's next Greatest Hits album, but it's certainly worth a watch. Check it out above.