October 9, 2012


WTF Did Lady Gaga and Julian Assange Talk About? Our 10 Best Guesses

Photo Credit: Littlemonsters.com
Photo Credit: Littlemonsters.com

Lady Gaga and international hero/criminal/WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hung out Monday night at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Because why? Because they're both famous! And that's what famous people do in their spare time, they hang out together and drink tea. (It also might have had something to do with peer pressure from M.I.A.)

Even so, this strange pairing got us wondering what Mother Monster and Father Whistleblower spoke about. Here are our 10 best guesses:

10. Making jokes about taking "WikiLeaks" every time one of them had to use the restroom. 

9. Recent bargains they scored at Walmart.

8. The nuanced differences between European libertarianism and American libertarianism.

7. Crumpets.

6. What's Madonna's problem, RIGHT?!

5. Can the Internet be used to affect social change in the world?

4. The difference between "leaking information" and "letting the cat out of the bag."

3. When will Justin Timberlake return to making music?

2. Five ways to lose weight while still eating what you want (Hint: It doesn't involve eating at Gaga's father's restaurant)

1. How to best serve their satanic liberal overlord and bring down the moral fiber of America.

What do YOU think Gaga and Julian talked about?