October 10, 2012


Watch: Yeasayer Release Trippy Live Video for "Reagan's Skeleton"

Oh hey, someone found an old unreleased Yeasayer video in the bottom of that cardboard box of VHS tapes out in the garage! That's what it looks like, anyway, and we mean that in the best way possible. This live rendition of "Reagan's Skeleton," filmed at London's Miloco Studios is as much a blast to watch (tambourine! standing drumming! the making of digital beeps and boops!) as it was to hear on the Fragrant World album.

When Yeasayer told Fuse, "you don’t really hear the positive stuff anyway—you only hear the negative sh*t, so you’re just always looking to defy detractors," we pictured them doing something exactly like jamming their faces off to this track. Have fun, kids.