November 14, 2012


Watch 50 Cent's Hilarious Visit to QVC

50 Cent ended up on Forbes' Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2012 list by hustling—when he's not rapping, 50's hocking video games, books, clothes and his new energy shot, Street King. The "I Get Money" rapper also has a new headphone line, SMS, which he recently took to QVC so he could earn a little extra cash. You can't blame him—$110 million a year goes fast.

What happened when 50 met the ladies of QVC resulted in one of the funniest things we've seen in a while... and definitely the funniest thing we've seen on QVC. In the first clip, it looks like 50 was lost and wandering around the set by himself when he accidentally bumped into two women trying to sell perfume. After an awkward hug and a kiss on the cheek 50 says, "I just don't want to interrupt y'all," before quickly dipping out. Uh, too late. The next clip is basically your standard QVC chit chat, save for 50 blatantly hitting on the host for two full minutes. 

How successful was 50 Cent's trip to QVC? Very, according to his Twitter: "I just made 177,000 dollars in 9 min on QVC. can someone hate on me so I can know this is real life." If by "hate on" 50 means "planning our own scheme to wind up half as rich as him," then we're definitely doing enough of that over here.

Check out clips from 50 Cent's visit to QVC below. Props to BuzzFeed's wrap-up as well, who captured some killer GIFs.