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Pearl Jam Join Adele on List of Biggest-Selling Albums

Pearl Jam's 'Ten' just surpassed the 10 million mark in U.S. sales, joining a rare group of monstrous albums. Take a look back at the biggest-selling albums inside

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Before file-sharing, piracy and mp3s, selling 10 million albums was a daunting feat. Now, it's next to impossible. Which makes Pearl Jam's recent accomplishment of selling more than 10 million copies of their 1991 debut Ten that much more remarkable. Only 23 other albums (including Adele's unstoppable 21) have surpassed the mark since 1997 (and we're not counting double albums like Biggie's Life After Death, which sold five million, but were counted as 10). To celebrate the singer's feat, we've compiled the biggest-selling albums of the past 15 years. Some you may know; some might surprise you. 

First up: Shania Twain's 1997 opus Come On Over. The country-pop star sold more than 20 million copies of her third album, making this one of the most successful albums of all time.

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Backstreet Boys, 'Backstreet Boys' (1997)

At the height of the '90s boy-band era, the group's debut album sold more than 14 million copies.

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'Titanic' Soundtrack (1997)

Led by Celine Dion's "Please-make-it-stop-this-song-is-everywhere" lead single "My Heart Will Go On," the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film sold 11 million albums.

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Celine Dion, 'Let's Talk About Love' (1997)

Riding high off 'Titanic,' Dion's fifth English-language album sold 11 million copies.

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Garth Brooks, 'Sevens' (1997)

15 years before Rihanna's 777 tour, the country superstar celebrated his seventh album with a "first edition" shipment of 777,777 copies. The album would go on to sell 10 million copies.

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Garth Brooks, 'Double Live' (1998)

One year later, Brooks returned with this double album, which would eventually become one of the biggest-selling albums of all time. And yeah, we're keeping this double album on the list because it sold 10 million copies for each disc (that's 20 million for those keeping score at home).

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Dixie Chicks, 'Wide Open Spaces' (1998)

The country trio's major label debut was the first to feature frontwoman Natalie Maines and would go on to sell 12 million albums and win the Grammy for Best Country Album.

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Kid Rock, 'Devil Without a Cause' (1998)

Led by massive rap-rock singles "Cowboy" and "Bawitdaba," Kid Rock's fourth album is the one that transformed him from local phenomenon to household name. 

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'N Sync, '*NSYNC' (1998)

The debut album by the other boy band catapulted them into teen-pop superstardom, selling more than 10 million copies.

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Britney Spears, '...Baby One More Time' (1999)

Ah, Britney. Before the head-shaving, temper tantrums and legal battles, there was a precocious, smiling teenager selling 14 million copies of her debut album.

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Backstreet Boys, 'Millennium' (1999)

Led by "I Want It That Way," the Boys' third album continued the group's dominance on Billboard and female pre-teens.

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Creed, 'Human Clay' (1999)

Christian rock rocks! The band's second album won a Grammy for Best Rock Song for "With Arms Wide Open" and would go on to sell 11 million copies.

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Dixie Chicks, 'Fly' (1999)

One year after Wide Open Spaces, the Chicks returned with Fly, featuring their crossover hit "Goodbye Earl."

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Santana, 'Supernatural' (1999)

The album that re-launched the guitar god's career, lead single "Smooth" was played 483 times an hour in 1999. Supernatural would go on to sell more than 15 million copies.

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'N Sync, 'No Strings Attached' (2000)

"Bye Bye Bye," "It's Gonna Be Me" and that stupid marionette album cover made 'N Sync's second proper album one of the best-selling of the era.

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The Beatles, '1' (2000)

The greatest rock band has one of the best-selling albums of the last 15 years thanks to this collection of all their No. 1 hits in the U.S. and UK.

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Britney Spears, 'Oops!... I Did It Again' (2000)

Much like her diamond-selling debut, Spears' second album was no mistake: It solidified Britney as the premiere pop star of the new millennium and paved the way for her feature film debut, Crossroads.

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Linkin Park, 'Hybrid Theory' (2000)

A full-formed debut that pushed hard rock out of its '90s nu-metal mire, Linkin Park's first went diamond earlier in 2012. 

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Eminem, 'The Marshall Mathers LP' (2000)

From the playful evisceration of "The Real Slim Shady" to the sobering reality-check of "Stan," Eminem's second album was an unstoppable monster on the charts that was equally popular with critics.

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Norah Jones, 'Come Away with Me' (2002)

Norah Jones' debut gave American ears a much-needed reprieve in a year otherwise dominated by war, loud music and epic fantasy films. Her laid-back, jazzy tunes were inescapable unless you spent the entire year avoiding coffee shops, department stores and your mom. 

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Eminem, 'The Eminem Show' (2002)

The top-selling solo artist of this century's first decade, Eminem's third LP was a classic that cemented the infamous MC's status as one of rap's all-time greats. Also, he finally cleaned out that closet. 

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Usher, 'Confessions' (2004)

Earlier this year, Usher's fourth album went 10 x Platinum, buoyed by the undying R&B hits "Yeah!," "Burn" and "Confessions Part II."

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Adele, '21' (2011)

She's unstoppable! Less than two years after its release, Adele's second album, the Grammy-winning 21, shone bright like a diamond by selling more than 10 million copies. 

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Pearl Jam, 'Ten' (1991)

Twenty-three years after its release, Pearl Jam's classic debut Ten joined the Diamond Club by selling more than 10 million copies. Vedder FTW!

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