November 6, 2012


Election 2012: Peek Inside Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's Playlists

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

We don't have to tell you what today is, nor will Fuse be entering the political punditry of official endorsements. But we'd be remiss to not remind you that both candidates have released official Spotify playlists, a compilation of songs used at rallies and conventions alongside their personal faves.

Is it weird that Romney included "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow"? Does Obama play air piano to ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" like everyone else? Does Romney scream along to Kid Rock's "Born Free" when no one's looking? While you ponder these questions, take a listen to both candidates' playlists and let us know who should be elected the DJ-in-Chief.

Barack Obama's Official Spotify Playlist

Mitt Romney's Official Spotify Playlist