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Black Friday 2012: 10 Hot Deals On Music Products

From discounted Beats By Dre to $40 off an iHome to mp3 players waaayyyyyy cheaper than an iPod, here are 10 deals worth getting out of bed for

10 / 10

Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Where: Best Buy

What: Apple iPod Touch 32GB 

How Much: $294

Savings: $5, but you get a $50 Best Buy gift card 

Why: Five bucks off isn't much, but if you're getting one anyway, why not pick up a gift card in the process? It's the perfect present for the relative you never see, know nothing about and don't know what to get.

Photo Credit: Apple
9 / 10

Singing Machine Karaoke System

Where: Target

What: Singing Machine Karaoke System

How Much: $49


Why: Because why would you waste money at a karaoke bar when you can get wasted at home with friends? It's a game changer. 

8 / 10

Skullcandy Headphones

Where: Best Buy

What: Skullcandy headphones

How Much: $9.99

Savings: $11

Why: Even if you have a pair, you know it's only a matter of time before they get lost or accidentally crushed. So stock up while they're half price. For the quality, they're a steal at ten clams.

Photo Credit: Skullcandy
7 / 10

Samsung Galaxy 8GB MP3 Player

Where: Best Buy

What: Samsung Galaxy 8GB mp3 player 

How Much: $99

Savings: $50

Why: Not only are you saving 50 dollars on this, but you're saving about 75 dollars by not buying an iPod. Sure, it's not as trendy, but it'll do the job. 

Photo Credit: Samsung
6 / 10

'Just Dance 4'

Where: Best Buy

What: Just Dance 4 for Xbox 360

How Much: $24.00

Savings: $15 off

Why: It's a dance party game that covers everything from Carly Rae Jepsen to Justin Bieber to Flo Rida, plus a battle mode that brilliantly pits "Moves Like Jagger" against "Never Gonna Give You Up." Easily worth 25 bucks.

Photo Credit: Just Dance
5 / 10

Beats By Dre Headphones

Where: Target

What: Beats By Dre solo heaphones

How Much: $179 

Savings: $20

Why: They're the hottest headphones on the market right now, so it's not terribly likely they'll be going on sale anytime again. At least, until Black Friday 2013.

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Simon Burchell
4 / 10

Mach Speed 4 GB MP3 Player

Where: Sears

What: Mach Speed 4 GB mp3 player

How Much: $19.99

Savings: $20

Why: No, the Mach Speed doesn't deliver a close, comfortable shave: It's an mp3 player that's far cheaper than an iPod and holds about 2,000 songs. Not bad for $20. Not bad at all.

Photo Credit: Mach
3 / 10

SanDisk Clip Zip 4GB MP3 Player

Where: Best Buy

What: 4GB SanDisk Clip Zip mp3 player

How Much: $27.99

Savings: $12

Why: Why would you buy a 4GB player for $28 when Sears has one for $20? Because this one has a belt clip! Need we say more? Oh wait, we do. It also has an FM radio and a longer battery life (Amazon estimates by about four hours).

Photo Credit: ScanDisk
2 / 10

Panasonic and Koss Headphones

Where: Sears

What: All Panasonic and Koss headphones

How Much: 50% off

Savings: 50% (duh)

Why: If you're not ready to drop nearly $200 on Beats By Dre but want to take it up a notch from those Skullcandy earbuds, here's what you want. And honestly, 50% off is about as good as it gets, because when something is 75% off, you start to wonder what's wrong with it.

Photo Credit: Panasonic
1 / 10

iHome Color Changing Alarm Clock

Where: Sears

What: iHome Color Changing Alarm Clock

How Much: $59

Savings: $40

Why: While we're not sure an iHome needs to share all the florescent colors of the EDM rainbow (the product description raves about its "array of soothing yet energizing lights"), it's hard to argue with a $59 price tag on an iHome. Not only does it boost your iPod's stereo strength, but you can set it to start playing music as an alarm clock. American innovation!

Photo Credit: iHome

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