November 1, 2012


OMFG, Look at Chris Brown's Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: F-ckyopictures
Photo Credit: F-ckyopictures

Yes, that is what you think it is: Chris Brown (center) and his friends dressed as members of the Taliban for Halloween. Because all the clown costumes at Party City were sold out?

Chris, pictured with a long beard, strips of ammo and a fake (?) assault rifle, uploaded this photo to his Instagram on Halloween with the caption, "Ain't nobody F--king wit my clique!!!" Oh, and then he wore the costume to Rihanna's Halloween party in L.A., so there are a lot of layers to this story.

Needless to say, Chris' costume isn't going over too well with...pretty much everyone. But while most of the Internet is throwing Chris the side-eye this morning, his mother, Joyce Hawkins, is coming to his defense on Twitter: "HALLOWEEN IS FOR FUN NOTHING MORE THAN JUST FUN. GET A LIFE PLEASE." All caps, guys. She's serious! GET A LIFE.

We'll just leave this for you to digest. Share your thoughts about Chris Brown's Halloween costume in the comments.