November 7, 2012


Dave Grohl Joins Queens of the Stone Age for New Album!!!

Well, now we may know why Foo Fighters are taking a break, and their reason is more than sufficient: Dave Grohl is again joining his buddy Josh Homme's band Queens of the Stone Age on drums for their next album. That is SUCH good news.

In an interview with the BBC's Zane Lowe, Homme said that Grohl will be returning to the Queens lineup, after his appearance behind the kit on their monster 2002 release Songs for the Deaf. (Homme also stated that drummer Joey Castillo has left the band). The outfit's next LP is expected to drop sometime next year. 

To confirm the news, Queens posted the above image on Twitter, showing a recording studio's mixing board tagged with, "JHO, guitar" and "Dave, drums." Josh Homme and Dave Grohl: two names that just belong together.

The last we heard from Queens was in August, when they gave us a simple, yet promising update: "Recording," the band wrote to Facebook. Before that, in December of 2011, they wrote "Locked away in the desert. & sh-t yeah. it. sounds. f--kin. Killer." Perhaps the delay in recording has been due to Foo Fighters' tour schedule, which wrapped in September at New York City's Global Citizen Fest (see pics!).

In case your memory is fuzzy, and if you're a hardcore fan of the "stoner rock" titans, it probably is, Songs for the Deaf was a landmark album, largely thanks to Grohl's Herculean drumming (and then guest guitarist Mark Arm, of Mudhoney; no word if he's returning for the next LP). Deaf produced perhaps their best tracks, including "No One Knows," "First It Giveth" and "Go With the Flow." 

Grohl and Homme are a bona fide hard rock tag team: In 2009 the duo collaborated again on Them Crooked Vultures, a project formed with their rock hero, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones (the band also features Queens guitarist Alain Johannes). Their self-titled debut slayed and first single, "New Fang," nabbed a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. Again: they're just made for each other, these two.

One-time bassist Nick Oliveri, who was in Queens' ranks during the Deaf era, almost certainly will not be rejoining the band, however. Since he was fired in 2004 for his problematic behavior (alleged domestic violence against his then-girlfriend), he's reformed Kyuss, his original band with Homme, under the name Kyuss Live! (sans Homme, natch). Oliveri later left that band, possibly due to Homme's subsequent lawsuit for "trademark infringement, misrepresentation [and] false designation" for use of the Kyuss name. 

And it gets worse for Oliveri: earlier this year he was arrested after an allegedly violent fight with his girlfriend led to a five-hour standoff with the Los Angeles SWAT Team. He was booked on suspicion of domestic violence, and a search of his Hollywood home turned up cocaine, methamphetamines and a loaded rifle. He faced 15 years in prision, but in August received only three years felony probation, 52 weeks of anger management and 200 hours of community service.

Are you as thrilled as we are for Grohl's return to his throne behind the drum kit? Tell us in the comments below.