November 27, 2012


Deerhunter's Bradford Cox Will Get It On With Jared Leto in Upcoming Film

Gabriel Olsen
Gabriel Olsen

Not long ago, photos from the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club established an unexpected yet undeniable truth: Jared Leto looks pretty hot in drag.

Now, a new revelation is taking Dallas to a whole new level of awesomeness: Deerhunter/Atlas Sound singer Bradford Cox will make his big screen debut playing Leto's lover in the film, according to Hollywood Reporter. #GayIndieFantasia

If this movie sounds familiar, it's probably because you've read about it in the fine print of those articles about Matthew McConaughey's "shocking weight loss" and "scary skinny" appearance. McConaughey shrunk down to 143 pounds for Dallas to portray a real-life figure who extended his HIV-related death sentence in the '80s using drugs not approved by the FDA. So, you know, he looks pretty emaciated these days.

Leto—whose transsexual character is also diagnosed with HIV—went through a different, but no less traumatizing, transformation for the film. "I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows," said the 30 Seconds to Mars singer. "It's a lot of work to be a pretty little girl. I have a newfound respect for women in general." As for Cox's character, not much has been announced other than he's a cross-dresser dying of AIDS.

At the very least, we know this much about Dallas Buyers Club: It's going to be hella depressing. But it will also give us the chance to see Leto and Cox—one a Hollywood heartthrob, the other a self-described asexual homosexual—nuzzling each other while dressed in drag. In other words, we're buying advance tickets to this one.