November 3, 2012


Judge Dismisses Case Against Britney Spears

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

Suzanne Brugera, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, dismissed a case brought on by Sam Lutfi on Thursday, who claimed to have been Britney Spears’ manager during a chaotic period for the singer, the Associated Press reports.

Lutfi claimed he was owed a 15 percent share of Spears’ earnings and was also suing the singer's mother, Lynne, for libel and her father, Jamie, for an alleged altercation at the pop star’s mansion.

Lawyers for Spears asked the judge to dismiss the battery and breach-of-contract claims, due to lack of sufficient evidence.

“It’s a difficult decision but it needs to be made,” Brugera said about the case that was brought to trial on October 12. 

Jurors agreed with the judge calling it a “very weak case” while another juror said Lutfi’s case seemed “inconsistent each day.”

During the trial, Lutfi's lawyers claimed his "client was made a scapegoat for [Spears'] drug abuse and erratic behavior" during 2007-2008. 

The Daily Beast reports that Lutfi declined to comment except to say he is planning to appeal to the judge’s ruling.