November 29, 2012


Judge Orders Ryan Leslie to Keep $1 Million Promise

Donna Ward
Donna Ward

In a landmark court case for "But you promised!" arguments, a judge ordered R&B singer/producer Ryan Leslie to fork over $1 million to a German man for returning Leslie's lost laptop.

Leslie lost his beloved computer—overflowing with unreleased tracks—in Germany back in 2010. So he did what anyone would do in the 21st century: He posted increasingly desperate "have you seen this laptop?" videos online in hopes that someone would stumble upon a cold, hungry and homeless laptop. It culminated in a YouTube offer from Leslie to award a cool million to anyone who returned his computer.

Enter Armin Augstein, a German man who happened upon the laptop while walking his dog. He turned it over to local police who promptly returned it to the American producer/singer. But instead of bucking up, Leslie claimed the files he wanted from that were corrupted, and so he reasoned was no longer bound to pay the reward money.

Fortunately for the Augstein, the American judicial system felt differently. Yesterday, a federal judge in Manhattan ordered Leslie to cough over the $1 million. 

"Ain't no way to get around ups & downs," Leslie tweeted following the verdict, referencing lyrics to one of his own songs. "Jury of my peers rules for the plaintiff."

But don't fret over Leslie: His last album was entitled Les is More, so he should have little trouble adjusting to this new, less-flush lifestyle.