November 26, 2012


Lenny Kravitz Played Catch as a Kid With Joe Namath

Elsa / Getty Images
Elsa / Getty Images

While best known for his inescapable 1993 rock anthem, "Are You Gonna Go My Way," Lenny Kravitz is perhaps recognized more these days for his acting career, including roles in the mammoth hit Hunger Games and Academy Award-winner Precious. But a recent interview with Vulture taught us there's a lot more to Kravitz than classic tunes and supporting acting roles. For instance, did you know that Kravitz is a huge New York Jets fan? Neither did we. Not only did he perform during halftime at the New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Thanksgiving game, he also played catch with a certain legendary Jets player as a kid.  Here are five fun things we learned from the interview.

1) Kravitz is a lifelong Jets fan and even played catch with QB Joe Namath as a kid: "I grew up with the Jets. And I loved Joe Namath as a kid. [I played] catch with him in front of my building when I was a kid. He lived across the street from me. That’s why I was such a fan when I was a kid. I used to look directly into his window. I hadn’t seen him since I was, like, 9 or 10 years old, and I saw him sometime in the last year — we did Letterman together. I was just some kid on the street. He had no idea that was me. I started telling him all about the things that were in his apartment, how he would be playing pool all the time. He was laughing. His friend who was with him said, “I bought him that pool table!” It was quite funny. Somehow my father got him to play catch with me once. He also wrote me a little note when I was away at summer camp. Like, 'Hope you're having a great summer … Joe Namath.'"

2) Kravitz has a thing for Jane Fonda:  "Ohhhh, I have a big crush on Jane Fonda. No, no, she’s still hot — very hot. And what an amazing actress. She’s very humble. It was an honor to be in her presence [in the upcoming film The Butler]."

3) He has a lot of new, very young fans from Hunger Games: "I have eight-year-old kids coming up to me who know me as Cinna and have no idea that I make music."

4) He thinks Oprah, who also stars in The Butler, is a pretty chill co-worker: "[Oprah] can be so down to earth and regular, just blend in. We were all there to be actors, you know? Very low key about it. And very dedicated to giving the best performance and doing whatever that took."

5) Hurricane Sandy destroyed his collection of instruments: "I did lose all my musical equipment, all of my touring equipment in a facility in Hoboken, New Jersey — 20 years worth of things. But, you know, those are material things. That doesn’t match somebody losing their home and being in the cold and not being able to live. I feel for anybody that was affected by this storm."