November 3, 2012


Live Nation Presents Lady Gaga With Plane

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“So apparently LIVE NATION gave us a 757 I just cried on the tarmac,” Lady Gaga tweeted to her 30 million plus fans on the social networking site.

For those unfamiliar with aviation terminology, 757 is short for huge airplane. That’s right, Live Nation, the live-event company responsible for producing concerts all over the world, gave the pop star her very own plane because obviously a small private jet won’t suffice the needs of one of the most successful artists this very second.

Alright so it kind of makes sense, especially considering the mega star’s Monster Ball Tour grossed $227.4 million dollars.

If receiving a plane wasn't enough the “Paparazzi” singer tweeted about being overjoyed by the fact that the plane came with internet service (and custom seats, waitresses serving endless food, and free prosciutto).

Life is good for Gaga.