November 9, 2012


Madonna Bites Back at Booing Fans in Her Hometown of Detroit

Scott Legato
Scott Legato

President Obama may have won the nation's popular vote by 2.4 percent, but apparently—and perhaps shockingly—those backing the Prez for #2Termz aren't Madonna fans.

Or at least not the ones living in Detroit and New Orleans.

Madge was booed two Saturdays ago in NOLA when she voiced her support for Obama's campaign. And just last night in her hometown, she was booed by Motor City fans when she said she was "ecstatically happy" about his reelection, according to the Detroit Free Press. Only this time, the jeering crowd pushed Madonna over the boo-orderline.

"You can boo all you want," Madonna responded. "But I've been to countries around the world where people can't vote for their leaders." Taking it all in stride, she then offered this quip to one of her backup dancers: "In the Basque language, 'boo' means 'I love you.'" Yeah, that was probably what they meant, Mr. Burns.

She then went on to try to find some common ground with the crowd, talking about her Detroit roots and how that influences her infamously insane work ethic. "This place made me who I am: A hardworking girl," she said. "Detroit is having a comeback. I can feel it in my bones. We're coming back. So watch out."

You tell 'em, Madge! But at the end of the day, two confusing questions remain: Who are these Madonna fans who snap up her fast-selling, expensive tickets just to show up and boo? And secondly, how many Republican Madonna fans are there, anyway? Is that even allowed?