November 6, 2012


Watch a 22-Year-Old Mick Jagger Discuss the Sexual Freedom of American Teens

The Rolling Stones are arguably THE essential rock band of the last five decades, so it's shocking to think a documentary capturing them on the cusp of super-stardom has been officially unavailable since its limited release 46 years ago.

Thankfully, that changed today. Charlie Is My Darling—a Stones rock doc full of vintage live performances, interviews and drunken jam sessions—just received its first legitimate release. And Fuse is psyched to present an exclusive clip from the movie above. 

In the scene, a 22-year-old Mick Jagger talks about the sexual awakening of American youth. We suspect this is a subject he was well-versed in at the time, despite the thematically opposed "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" being the group's big hit when this footage was shot. 

"Instead of just carrying on as their parents told them to do, [American kids] started a big thing where they're anti-war and love everybody and their sexual lives have become freer," a fresh-faced, mop-headed Jagger opines.

"The whole basis of society and values could be changed, but it's up to them to carry on the ideals they have instead of falling into the same old routine their parents did," Jagger says. "It's not until the people of 21 now reach the age of 75. Those people actually have to become grandfathers before the whole thing is changed." So there you have it! The ideals of the sixties didn't die: We just need to wait another three or five years for the Love Generation teens to hit 75. 

Charlie Is My Darling also has some genuinely bizarre footage overzealous fans bum-rushing and attacking the Rolling Stones during a concert, forcing the lads to flee mid-set. Apparently security wasn't too tight back then. 

You also get to see the soft-spoken, shaggy-haired Brian Jones talking about his urge to direct a film, and drummer Charlie Watts share what it's like to be the only married Stone on the road. And hilariously, just three years into their careers, nearly all of the Stones expressed astonishment that they were still popular. And this is six years before Exile On Main St. came out.

But perhaps best of all, the doc has an extended scene of the band boozing it up backstage while Mick does his best Elvis impersonation. Keith Richards tickles the ivories and Jagger pouts out those enormous lips and croons a piss take on "Blue Moon." In short, you should definitely check out Charlie Is My Darling on DVD and Blu-ray now.