November 26, 2012


PETA Gives Miley Cyrus a Pig for Her Birthday!

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

What do you get the girl who has everything for her 20th birthday? A pig, duh. At least that's what PETA thought would make the perfect gift for animal-loving Miley Cyrus, who hit the big 2-0 on Thanksgiving day.

Well, they didn't actually give Miley the pig, but PETA is sponsoring the little oinker named Nora. She's a resident at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, a farm in Ocala, Florida, that provides refuge to abused or neglected animals. So it's exactly like having a pig... except not at all.

PETA said on their website, "Miley proved her affection for pigs when she retweeted a PETA action alert to her 10 million followers asking them to urge Walmart to ban its suppliers from cruelly confining pigs to tiny metal-barred gestation crates for months at a time." One retweet and Miley gets a free pig? If only that worked for the rest of us.