November 27, 2012


Modest Mouse Taught Big Boi to Make an Apple Bong

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Getty Images, 2

One of the most anticipated upcoming albums, IMHO, is Modest Mouse's follow-up to 2007's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, featuring production from OutKast's Big Boi and his partner Chris Carmouche, the man behind the Atlanta duo's masterwork Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. News broke about the collabo earlier this year, but we haven't heard much since. Boi recently sat down with SPIN to chat about his new solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and also discussed the team-up. 

What do we learn? Well, that the Seattle indie vets and Boi share a love of smoking weed, and that the MM boys taught him the fine art of the apple bong.

"I learned how to make an apple into a bong from one of the guys in [Modest Mouse]," Boi tells SPIN. "Me and my partner Chris were working on some songs with Modest Mouse for their new record. We brought them out to the studio for a whole week — Isaac and the boys came down to [Atlanta studio] Stankonia for a week. To live day in day out with somebody, it's so cool. Going to get dinner, going to get breakfast. The conversations and little side stories are the things that really pull the music together."

Then he explained the apple bong-making process: "You put a hole in the top and you put a hole in the side and then you kinda drill it out from the top to the core, and you just put a bud on top then you fire it up and — [breathes deeply]. Fire it through the top and pull it from the side. Sweet Cheebah. I love it."

There's plenty other nuggets in the Q&A, including...

Big Boi is in a bowling league, natch: His bowling name is Bitch Killer and he has his "own shoes, my own bag, my own balls; I've been in the bowling league for years. My shoes look like white orthopedic nursing shoes. They're not just like the bowling shoes that look like some skates without the wheels. Big Shirley. That's the name of my bowling ball." 

He recently collaborated with Little Dragon, again: The first time Little Dragon came, they came for three days and brought music, but then this time, at the end of October, we wanted to create something from scratch so they came for like a week. We cut about seven records, three of 'em are on this album and two of 'em are gonna be on their album." 

Little Dragon and Big Boi went bowling and had a costume party (!!!): "[Little Dragon frontwoman] Yukimi [Nagano]'s the shit, man. She's Aquarius too; that's my sweetie pie. They came to my bowling league with me and we had a costume party."

His new album features tons of collabos, including Kid Cudi, T.I., Phantogram, Wavves, A$AP Rocky and more: "There's no way that I would wanna hear a whole album with just my voice. Especially since I'm used to being in a group with my partner, I'm used to collaborating. The A$AP Rocky collaboration was just by chance, I was on the way out of V103 radio station in Atlanta and he was on the way in. I told him we was fittn' to go record. He was like 'Yo, I'm coming over there right after I leave here.' And he came right after he left the radio station."

Following an out-of-context Village Voice story, Big Boi's totally over talking about Andre 3000: "I ain't talkin' about it no more. I don't need a sensationalized headline to sell music or to bring attention to my music. It's the music and it's always been about the music... I'm not giving no more information about none of that because they take words and try to make stuff up and twist it and take things out of context. You have certain people that wanna sensationalize a story. So my whole thing is, when you see us sitting side-by-side doing an interview then you'll know it's on. Our lives, like the relationship that me and him have, is not in the public eye; it's more private now."

He loves submissive girls: When asked about one of his Vicious rhymes--"I'm late, I just put the key in / It would probably be straight if she was European / She's not, she's hot and mad as she can be"--he said he was "just being sarcastic, like the whole cliché of the angry black woman — like you can't get away with shit. But a white girl will let you do whatever the fuck you wanna do... I've never dated a white girl... That's the stereotype I suppose, that they're more submissive… I love submissive; I don't care what color. [Laughs]